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Independence Day

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The Man in the High Castle

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Captain America

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The Seventh Dwarf

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Seventh Son

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Edge of Tomorrow

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Iron Man 3

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White House Down

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The Pied Piper of Hameln

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Michael Coldewey

Simone Kraus

Dominik Zimmerle

Trixter Concept Art is a visual development studio and art service provider, dedicated to creating innovative, imaginative concept art for the motion picture industry.  We specialize in environments, characters, creatures and props, mood and matte paintings, storyboards, and marketing illustrations.s.

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Founded in 1998 by Michael Coldewey and Simone Kraus TRIXTER Film is one of Germany’s leading animation and visual effects studios, with offices in Germany in Munich/Berlin, and Los Angeles, CA. We focus on the development and production of international high-quality animated feature films and TV series as well as cooperate as producer, co-producer and service provider with other leading European Animation companies. 


Every recipe has carefully chosen ingredients; the same logic applies to being able to offer premium services and platforms. Over the course of 10 years, we have refined and cultivated our interactive ingredients to ensure we have the shortest development cycles with the highest quality outcome. Here are some key ingredients to our formula:

Passionate Employees
The international team of artists at TRIXTER is an essential part of what drives the energy of the studio. Our employees are passionate about their work and always try to achieve the most outstanding results, both for our clients but also for themselves, by pushing the bar higher on every project. The cosmopolitan blend of cultures in the team is an additional element that brings a creative edge to our work.

Vast Experience
TRIXTER’s outstanding achievements are a direct result of the many years of experience we have in the field. TRIXTER has been involved in all forms of creation: From model making, drawing and cel animation through to computer generated animated characters, complex visual effects and stereoscopic imagery the team at TRIXTER understands every stage of production and gives the clients the necessary solutions for their visual needs.

Elite Clientele
TRIXTER is dedicated to the market of high end visual effects. Our current clientele includes both German and international companies with major box office projects attached to their name. Our client list includes 20th Century Fox, Warner Bros., Marvel, Walden Media, Sony, Columbia Tristar, Walt Disney, Constantin Film, Rat Pack and many more.

Quality Execution
Over the last 10 years TRIXTER has provided quality visual effects and character animation for major feature film projects, both for television and the silver screen as well as high end commercial projects. Using a highly developed pipeline, we carefully control all aspects of our work so our clients receive the highest quality results without compromising their vision, deadline and budget.

State of the Art Technology
TRIXTER is continuously updating its facilities to utilize state-of-the-art technology in every project. The computer animation unit predominately works with Maya, Houdini, Mari, 3D Equalizer and Arnold. Compositing is executed in Nuke and After Effects. We also run a full ANIMO suite for traditional 2D cel animation.
TRIXTER has also built its own stereoscopic workflow in order to accommodate complex stereo projects as well as conversion of existing 2D films into stereoscopic images. Our cinema is equipped with a stereoscopic Christie Mirage projection system.


Whether animating a 3D character or developing unique VFX, TRIXTER looks after every last detail. For each project, a carefully assembled TRIXTER team ensures that the client’s experience is excellent from start to finish. A carefully balanced combination of the creative needs and technological solutions is tailor made to the requirements of each individual project without compromising performance. Our services include:

Concept Art
TRIXTER Concept Art is a visual development studio and art service provider, deciated to creating innovative, imaginative concept art for the motion picture industry. We specialize in environments, characters, creatures and props, mood and matte paintings, storyboards, and marketing illustrations.

After script meetings we create the storyboard. There are two different kinds of boards:
The production storyboard, which is used only for in-house production and for corresponding with the director and the director of photography.
The presentation storyboard (sometimes in color), which is used for presenting the film to the client.
The storyboards are created to be as close to the final look as possible.
A storyboard in motion is called an Animatic and is put together using the stylized frames from the storyboard in a sequence and adding sound to it.
This gives the client a better overview of the sequence.

Character Design
Projects require a wide variety of characters. They may have to perform roles that are not based in reality, using a recognizable voice, personality or physical attribute; they may be a slightly altered version of a known creature or they may be photo realistic, indistinguishable from existing animals. Using our team of in house creatives as well as internationally acclaimed freelance designers, we create the best character design to fit the story. Whatever your needs are; whether the character has to be a traditionally cel animated one, a photo realistic CG monster, or a totally believable animal, we will supply the right one!

Set Supervision
We work in consultation with producers, directors and DOPs in technical breakdown meetings to maximize CG potential to suit script, budget and timing issues. We are always very involved in finding creative and practical solutions. Turn a problem around long enough and a solution will always fall out. To combine animation with life action, we also supervise the film shooting. We measure the sets and camera positions and also take digital HDR pictures of the lighting environment.
Our emphasis on set is efficiency, accuracy and support.

Animation and FX
Cel Animation (2D Cartoon Animation):
Following the school of Disney, we animate characters in the traditional cel animation process using pencil or line tests for approvals. The cleanup drawings are scanned and colored by a digital Ink&Paint system and rendered for all formats, including FLASH, video or HD for theatrical 35mm prints.
3D Animation:
Combined with the many years of CG experience of the TRIXTER team, we continually source international know-how from the world of 3D animation to provide up to date modeling, rigging and animation solutions for every need. We use MAYA and SOFTIMAGE XSI and write our own plug-ins and scripts to continually improve our pipeline workflow and animation controls.

Using Nuke, Shake and Adobe After Effects, we cover all compositing needs: From rotoscoping to retouching; from camera tracking to projection mapping; from character to set extension integration; from matte painting to complex multi layered compositing, everything is included in the workflow. If you can imagine it, we can comp it and make it look real!

Stereo 3D
TRIXTER has developed a highly efficient process to convert 2D images into 3D. Because of our understanding of visual storytelling and VFX techniques we are in a unique position to offer our clients not only an incredibly efficient pipeline but also a new approach in this cutting edge medium. Using the VFX tricks we’ve learned, we create a stereo volume which helps the narrative or mood of a scene, always working within the budget whilst exceeding our client’s expectations. TRIXTER successfully converted the (…) full length feature film Hybrid and also – most recently – complex sequences from Narnia 3 and The Green Hornet. TRIXTER also creates stereoscopic visual effects for live-action movies, rendering and compositing in a dual stream workflow. We always use the stereo volume to best tell the story and constantly create new tools and finesse our workflow to stay ahead of the game. Artists are equipped with 3D stereo monitors and our large screen projection room is equipped with a 3D stereo projector for reviewing work in Dailies and with clients. It doesn’t matter whether we get double lens or single lens material, we always create the highest quality for all stereoscopic projection systems.

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